Miguel's offers a friendly, family atmosphere and authentic Mexican cuisine at affordable prices. They have a beautiful wall where you can get fireplace ideas.
Miguel's Bar Harbor

We are closed for the winter. See you in spring 2011!
51 Rodick Street, Bar Harbor - 207-288-5117


yelp4 Stars - Erin L. Brooklyn MA
This place is a good find in Bar Harbor. Hidden on a little side street, this restaurant has great outdoor dining, with large glass doors that open the inside of the restaurant to the patio.  The red sangria is tasty, and the bartender is not afraid to add plenty of booze. We ordered the fish tacos and the crab quesadilla. The crab quesadilla was the real winner. Skip the fish tacos and try something else instead. The salsa is excellent, which makes me rate the food higher. If you are in Bar Harbor and want to eat somewhere a little removed from the strip of souvenir shops and wandering tourists, this is a good option.

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Miguel's Bangor 697 Hogan Road - 207-942-3002 - miguelsbangor.com

Want to join the Miguel's team? Inquire by email: info@miguelsmaine.com


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All of our chicken is raised naturally and humanely which
means no steroids, antibiotics or hormones.

All of our shrimp are sustainably harvested from the waters
of Ecuador.









We use trans-fat free oil in all of
our cooking.

We can accommodate most food allergies.




Dinner Menu

- Our homemade chips covered with sizzling hot cheese & salsa 7.99
VEGETARIAN NACHOS - With black beans, sautéed vegetables, cheese, guacamole & sour cream 8.99
CHORIZO NACHOS parrot - Our homemade chips loaded with refried beans, chorizo, cheese, guacamole and sour cream 9.99
SOUP OF THE DAY - The chef's seasonal homemade soup Bowl 3.79 Cup 2.79
CHILE CON QUESO - Combination of cheese, green chiles, salsa & jalapeños baked & served with chips 6.99 - Add Chorizo 1.99 • Add Crabmeat 3.99
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CHIMITAS - Two small chimichangas filled with black bean corn salsa & cheese, served with a green chile dip 5.99 Add Chicken 1.79
BEEF EMPANADAS parrot- Ground beef, chiles and cheese filled turnovers served with a cilantro sour cream dipping sauce 7.99
MIGUEL'S WINGS - Crispy, breaded wings - choose your sauce: Hot, Mild, Chipotle BBQ or Scorned Woman (Passion Fruit & Habanero) 10 for 10.99 - 20 for 18.99
THE BIG 4 APPETIZER SAMPLER - 4 Chimitas, 4 Beef Empanadas and 4 Jalapeno Poppers 18.99

MIGUEL'S SALAD - Mixed salad greens topped with cheese, tomatoes, onions
& black olives 3.99
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Tequila Lime Shrimp Tostada Salad 11.99
FRESH CRABMEAT & AVOCADO SALAD - With nopalitos (cactus), chile mayonnaise, calabacitas (zucchini & pepper medley), black bean corn salsa and flour tortillas 12.99
FAJITA SALAD - Choice of grilled marinated chicken or steak on a bed of lettuce with cheese, tomato, egg, avocado & peppers served with flour tortillas 12.99
Tequila Lime Shrimp Fajita Salad 15.99

- A delicious blend of Mexican cheeses melted to perfection 4.99
Add a Filling: $2.19 more - Add Lobster $6.99 more
FISHERMAN'S FAVORITE - Cheese & Crabmeat with a Citrus Vinaigrette 9.99
THE WILD ONE - Cheese & Buffalo Chicken served with Blue Cheese dipping sauce 8.99
FARMER'S MARKET - Roasted poblano peppers, onions, cheese, black beans,
zucchini and squash 7.99
THE "PHILLY" - Fajita steak, cheese and poblano peppers 8.99
Add Avocado 2.99 --- Add Jalapeños .89 --- Add Mango Salsa 1.79
Add Sautèed Vegetables 2.19 --- Add Rice & Beans 2.69 --- Add Poblanos 1.29

DINNERS Served with refried beans & Miguel’s Spanish rice
All entrées available à la carte, $1.00 less - ADD A MIGUEL'S SALAD for $3.99

- 1 House Burrito, 1 Regular Taco & 1 Enchilada 13.99
CHILI RELLENO parrotLarge Poblano chiles stuffed with cheese, batter-fried
and topped with a creamy almond sauce 13.99

LOBSTER (Bar Harbor)
LOBSTER BOWL - Sautèed fresh picked lobster meat, roast sweet corn, poblano
peppers & queso fresco - served in corn tortilla bowl with an avocado salad marke pricet
COCONUT POACHED LOBSTER - Served with mango salsa, warm flour tortillas, rice and black beans market price
LOBSTER EMPANADAS - Empanadas filled with fresh picked lobster meat & corn salsa served with cilantro sour cream, rice and beans market price

TACOS - Two large soft or hard tacos with your choice of fillings complete with cheese, lettuce, tomato salsa and olives 8.99 --- Add 1 More Taco 2.49
TACOS DE PESCADO (Fish Taco) - Garlic marinated strips of haddock fried and served in flour tortillas with 2 great sauces 10.99 --- Add 1 More 3.29
TACOS AL CARBON - Marinated grilled steak or chicken breast wrapped in two flour tortillas with cheese, lettuce, tomato & sour cream dressing 10.99 --- Add 1 More 3.29
TACOS DE CAMERONES parrot- Tequila Lime Gulf shrimp with lettuce, tomato, mango salsa and citrus vinaigrette 10.99 --- Add 1 More 3.29
SAMPLER PLATTER - Shrimp, Fish & Carbon tacos with cilantro sour cream
& chipotle mango mayo 13.99

FAJITAS Served with rice, beans, sour cream, cheese, salsa,
guacamole and flour tortillas

FAJITAS - Chicken breast or steak, marinated, char-grilled and topped with seasoned sautéed vegetables on a sizzling platter 15.99
SEAFOOD FAJITAS - Tequila lime shrimp, seared haddock & fresh Maine crabmeat 21.99
VEGETARIAN FAJITAS - Ground & seasoned tofu blend 15.99
3 MEAT FAJITAS parrot- Chicken breast, mojo-marinated steak & pork 17.99
SHRIMP FAJITAS - A heap of Tequila Lime Gulf shrimp 18.99
FAJITAS FOR 2 - A huge sizzling platter of chicken, steak & Gulf shrimp fajitas 29.99

BURRITOS Served with rice, beans & sour cream. You pick the filling.
THE HOUSE BURRITO - A flour tortilla wrapped around your choice of filling with cheese and baked steaming hot 8.99
BURRITO ROYALEparrot A flour tortilla wrapped around your choice of filling with rice, refried beans, cheese & topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives
& guacamole 12.99
CHIMICHANGA - A crispy fried burrito with ranchero salsa 10.99
BURRITO ESCONDIDA - A Miguel’s Original. Burrito breaded & deep fried 11.69
BURRITO ENSALADA - A flour tortilla wrapped around your choice of filling and cheese. Topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives & guacamole 10.99
BURRITO VERDE - An oven baked regular burrito with your choice of filling, smothered in salsa verde sauce and cheese 9.99

ENCHILADAS Made with corn tortillas.You pick the filling.
ENCHILADAS - Two corn tortillas with your choice of filling baked in enchilada sauce
and cheese 10.99
ENCHILADA VERDE - Our enchilada baked in our fresh salsa verde & cheese 10.99 --- Add 1 More 2.99
ENCHILADA MOLE - Try our enchilada with Miguel’s own rich, dark, hot but sweet
Oaxaca-style mole sauce 10.99 --- Add 1 More 2.79

TEQUILA LIME SHRIMP PLATTER - Gulf shrimp lightly sauteed with a tequila / lime pan sauce 16.99
GRILLED GARLIC SALMON - An 8 oz. salmon filet marinateed in lemon & herbs, grilled
and served with a garlic sauce 14.99

MIGUEL'S SPARE RIBS - Babyback ribs braised in our rich, chile/tomato sauce 16.99
Add Tequila Lime Shrimp for 5.99
MIGUEL'S BURGER - A 6oz. charbroiled beef burger with cheese & fries 6.99 - Add Salsa & Guacamole 1.99

Ground Beef --- Pulled Pork Verde --- Naturally Raised Chicken Breast
Chorizo (spicy sausage) --- Vegetarian Refried Beans --- Vegetarian Black Beans
Ground Seasoned Tofu (contains gluten) --- Sautéed Vegetables
Fresh Maine Crabmeat Add $4.99 --- Tequila Lime Gulf Shrimp Add $3.99

Fajita Steak Add .99 --- Fresh Maine Lobster Add $6.99


ICE CREAM - Vanilla, Coconut, Miguel’s Mexican Chocolate 3.99
CHURROS - Long fluted pastry fritters sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar 4.99
MEXICAN CHOCOLATE CAKE - A rich, chocolate cake layered with even more chocolate & a touch of Mexican spices (perfect with Mexican Hot Chocolate) 5.99
FRIED ICE CREAM - Coconut or Vanilla ice cream inside, a crispy fried outside, set in a crunchy shell & covered with chocolate almond sauce & whipped cream 4.99
FLAN - Traditional rich custard with a layer of caramel on top 4.99
KAHLUA MOUSSE - A coffee/chocolate flavored mousse that is light & fluffy yet terrifically rich 4.99

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