The American Communications Network (ACN Inc.) is like most of the typical MLM business. You need to recruit people in order for your business to grow. Network marketers in ACN are called the independent business owner. You need to recruit new IBOs as they will help you in marketing and recruitment aspects. However, trying to recruit people into MLM business can be quite challenging. Not all people you meet are willing to join. Some of them think that your business is a scam. This can be extremely frustrating, but don’t lose hope. It is just a setback. You just have to come up with an effective recruitment strategy.

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Below are some of the strategies you can use to recruiting people to your ACN business
• Know your market – You need to know who your target market is. They are the people who need and want what you offer. Take a look at the products and services of ACN. As you can see, ACN concentrates on the telecommunication industry. It offers local and long distance telephone service. Other products include home security, satellite television, wireless connection, energy, and health, beauty, and wellness products. Today, we are living in a modern and fast-paced world. People need to stay connected with each other despite geographical locations. Hence, the products and services of ACN are what everybody needs. The American Communications Network has a large market considering the types of products and services it offers.


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• Connect to the right people – Do not waste your time, energy, and resources connecting to the wrong people. There is no way for you to recruit them because they don’t feel the need or the urgency to patronize what you offer. Identify the people who badly need what you offer. Let them know how your products can help solve their problems. Highlight the good points of your products. Give emphasis on how they can make extra money by simply patronizing the products and services offered by the American Communications Network.

• Know how to overcome objections – Just because the people need and want your products and services does not necessarily mean that they will automatically say yes to you. Believe me, you will still be rejected by some prospects. Do not lose hope though. Just because your prospects say no does not mean you can’t turn no to a yes. You just have to know how to overcome objections. What could be the reason why your prospect say no? Do they don’t have the resources at that time? Do they don’t feel the need to patronize ACN at that very moment? There must be a reason and that you have to know. Try to contact your prospects a few weeks after your previous meeting. Offer them an opportunity they can’t resist.


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If you really want your ACN business to grow, you need to find effective ways to recruit new independent business owner. You cannot do it all alone. You will need to build your team and adding new IBO is the only way to grow your team. Yes, you can do all the marketing by yourself but the progress will be slow. You will need people on your team. If all the people in your team do their very best to market and recruit new IBO, then everybody will be able to make a huge amount of money. As your team grows, your profit also grows. Get the best way to make residual income with ACN visit website

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